REGARDER Supergirl (1971) Complet Film Streaming HD VF

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Regarder Supergirl (1971) : Complet Film Streaming HD VF In this comedy, Iris Berben plays a mysterious, supernaturally beautiful girl from another planet, who confuses and flusters the men on earth, where she has landed. The men follow her wherever she goes. Marquard Bohm is no exception here - he leaves his wife in a lurch and travels with the Supergirl to Spain. The girl doesn't tell much about herself; she reports, though, about an impending threat from outer space.

Titre original Supergirl
Date de sortie May 14, 1971
Genre , , ,
Distributeur Westdeutscher Rundfunk
Nationalités Germany
Avec Iris Berben, Marquard Bohm, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Eddie Constantine, Karin Thome, Nikolaus Dutsch, Jess Hahn, Klaus Lemke, Peter Moland, Affonso Beato, Billy Kearns
SYNOPSIS ET DÉTAILS extraterrestrial, alien,
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Fancesca Farnese
Fancesca Farnese
Iris Berben
Marquard Bohm
Mann vor dem Schaufenster
Mann vor dem Schaufenster
Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Partygast bei Polonsky
Partygast bei Polonsky
Eddie Constantine
Karin Thome
Nikolaus Dutsch
Jess Hahn
Klaus Lemke
Peter Moland
Affonso Beato
Billy Kearns
Hans Weth
Carlos Bustamante
Isolde Jovine
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